Summer 2014

Hi lovely people of the world…

From today on my summer vacation officially begins (whut, whut!). No more school, early morning, tests, assignments and stressful days. All I have in front of me the next two months is sun (hopefully), lady days, family, friends, working out and good food. I can’t wait! I also have to work this summer, but work is nothing compared to all the stress I tend to feel related to school, at least I believe.

This summer I have one wish. Let this summer be amazing! I want to get tan, spend time with my friends, maybe have a summer fling and just try my very best to enjoy each moment and live life at the fullest.

largeThis summer I want to make sure I remember everything I do, and therefore I will spend five minutes each day writing down what I did that day. This way I have something to look back on when the vacation is over. Starting from tomorrow… Let the summer vacation 2014 be the best yet. Wish med luck!

– xoxo, Sofie


Lazy days…

Hi everyone, 

First blogpost, wow. Here we go. No fancy introduction, no amazing lifestory,just me and my thoughts written on black buttons on my computer keyboard. Let it all begin. Day 1 – 11.06.14.


Woke up, from the loving sound of my alarm(iPhone).

Blasting a cheerful song to get myself out of bed, got dressed and made myself a breakfast. I always have so many plans to do this, complete that, but I always end up with way to many expectations. Anyway, that is not going to be todays subject. Today I am just going to log everything(not very much, I know) that I did today.. Spend a majority of my day in bed with my love (a.k.a. macbook pro) watching Suits Season 2… Besides that I have done a bit of school, cleaned my room, worked out and spent time my family. Earlier this week the sun was shining and I was walking around in shorts and t-shirts, but today it was pouring(!) from morning to night. This gives me zero inspiration and I genuinely hate days like these. Oh well, summer is just around the corner…



Enough talk about todays crappy weather, here is what I ate and did (workouts) today…

meal 1: Breakfast for one…

– 2 eggs scrambled with 2 slices of cheese

– 2 crisp breads with 1/2 avocado and crabmeat

– 1 carrot

– A glass of limewater + my morning cup of tea

meal 2: tropical autumn feelings…

I wanted something warming, tasteful and healthy and decided to make myself a coconut, thai-inspired soup similar to TomKaGai…


– light coconut milk ( I used 400 ml, I was just me)

– scampi (i used 6)

– a handful of spinach

– about a cup of peas

– 1 carrot

– 1-4 cm of chopped Ginger ( I ended up using approximately 2 cm)

– 2 selleries

– 1/2 red bell pepper

– 1 lime

Chop vegetables into desired pieces. Bring coconut milk to a boil, add chicken stock. In a frying pan cook scampi together with salt, pepper and other spices. Add vegetables to coconut milk. When the vegetables are soft, not too soft, but not hard either, blend everything together. Add the lemon juice, pour into a cute bowl and enjoy!

meal 3: Snack time…

– 1 green apple sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia

Workout 1 ; Did not feel like doing very much, but after spending a good 15-20 minutes on pinttrest I ended up with this routine… Do not know why, but it seemed “easy”, quick and did not require any equipment.


meal 4: Dinner…

For dinner I made a giant (!) salad with bacon and a “fake”sour cream dressing made from greek yoghurt, olive oil and chill.

– 1/2 head of iceberg lettuce

– A good amount of corn

– 2 handfuls of chopped spinach

– 10 cm cucumber

– 1/2 red bell pepper

– 2 tbs full fat greek yoghurt

– olive oil and chilipowder

– approximately 5 strips of bacon

Mixed all together it tasted surprisingly good.

Meal 5: small dinner = big evening snack…

Since I had a not so filling dinner I felt hungry after about 2 hours and therefore I made myself a good, filling evening snack.

– Icelandic skyr (a type of yoghurt, no added sugar, high in protein. 93 calories)

– a good portion of low fat cottage cheese

– 1 tbs spirulina, 1 tbs green powder(different powdered vegetables)

Mixed these ingredient together in a bowl and enjoyed.

– 1 homemade “cheesecake” cup (Contains a crust made from walnuts, oats and dates. Filling; greek yoghurt, sweeteners, pine able flavour, cottage cheese)

– 1 crisp bread with cucumber and a slice of turkey

– 10 almonds, BBQ-flavoures.

A fillling snack and I was satisfied. Did not feel like my workout earlier today was enough, still had more to give. (MIght also be due to a spike in bloodsugar levels after my little snack-party…) Anyway, I ended up having another little swaet session on my own.

Workout 2; Completed a Blogilates 10 min ab routine and did 15 minutes of booty exercise from the NikeTrainingClub app.


That is what I ate, trained today. Have a good night/day everyone(depending on where in the world you are right now) and hopefully we will see each other soon!…

– Love Sofie